Bi4 Group

Bi4 Group is one of the most prestigious development companies in Spain for international clients in customized software. We are specialized in building complex web applications to fulfill the needs of our clients. These applications are used by many North European multinationals either to automate their daily processes or to gain more insight into their business. They are often crucial for their strategic decision making (Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Big Data).

Bi4 Group always makes use of the latest technologies for the development of software and management of business processes. This way we guarantee the highest quality of the product, assure compatibility and optimize Return on Investment.

We are a young, fast growing company based in Granada. We want to contribute to stop the current brain drain in Spain towards Northern Europe. We bring international challenging projects to Granada, so developers can stay in the place they love and near their families.

At Bi4 Group we are one big team. What is most important to us is investing in human capital and providing the highest quality in our work and services.